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There are 2 ways to apply the code in order to receive the discount 1 Click on the Sign up with this code link, shared above on this page, or 2 Apply the promo code in the Payment section of the Uber app before requesting your first ride to redeem the discount. Expires 30 days after the promo code is applied to your Uber account. Using the Uber app for iPhone or Android 1. Select Payment from your app menu. 2. Scroll down to Promotions. 3. Tap Add Promo Code Gift Code. 4. Enter the code and tap ADD. How do I use Uber promo code? Go to Giving Assistant s page for Uber, click on the promo code that you would like to use and copy it. Open the menu in your Uber app, tap Payment, select Add Promo Code, enter your promo code, and tap Add. How do I get discount on Uber? Tap the menu icon at the top left corner of the homepage. Select the Wallet tab from the Uber app menu. Scroll down and tap Add Promo Code. In the space provided, type in your desired Uber code and tap Add. My GearCamera – http amzn.to 2tVwcMPTripod – http amzn.to 2tVoceRLens – http amzn.to 2vWzIUCMicrophone – http amzn.to 2v9YC5pLaptop – http amzn.t… storytelling framework in, 74 90 www.adobe.com solutions digital-analytics.html The following URLs represent Arcadia Brewing Company s web presence www.arcadiaales.com www.facebook.com arcadiaales www.facebook.com arcadiakalamazoo www.facebook.com arcadiabattlecreek www.facebook.com twistedtailbbq www.instagram.com arcadiaales www.yelp.com biz arcadia-brewing-company-kalamazoo-kalamazoo https twitter.com arcadiaales https untappd.com arcadiaales https in.pinterest.com arcadiabrewing https foursquare.com v arcadia-brewing-company-kalamazoo 534ed62d11d2d11c601da928 When I think of luck, I think about poker players. Mistakenly, their craft is construed as luck, while career poker players will affirm it isn t luck, but systematic analytics and player psychology. The best poker players in the world are superior statisticians and interpreters of human behavior. Does luck play a role? Sure, but the role is minor, while player competency siphons the majority s bankroll. To tell a great poker player you re lucky is to hurl an insult. Likewise, to ascribe luck to a self-made millionaire s success is to perform the same insult. http mashable.com