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OPEN ME FOR Art supplies LIST MORE Hello guys DHere s a new video for you ! hope you ll like itThanks for watching guys Check my shop for … Sakuems is the moniker user by French artist and illustrator, Emilie Jarrige. You may know her from her popular YouTube channel or from her first fantasy style coloring book. Emilie creates beautiful artwork on her channel and it is a dream to watch her vivid style. It will be divided in 3 videos. 1 Concept art and sketching 5 mins – the project genesis with voiceover. 2 Paint along video 30 mins – the project evolution in real time, voiceover with Q A. 3 Full time lapse process 5 mins – the project summary with music. Art Talk. Sakuems —–Hello! Thank you to everyone who entered the contest!! Don t be sad if you did n t win, there were more than 600 people entering so the chances were really low! I made the video of the winner selection, i m uploading it right now ! The cover of Sakuems coloring book is colored gloss card. On the front is a beautiful colored page from within the book. On the back, you will see thumbnail images of pictures in the book. It is also available as a pdf digital download as well as this artist s edition version. Ancillary Pages First, a self-aware, self-improving system will be rational. It is rational to acquire resources the more resources the system has, the more likely it is to meet its goals and to avoid vulnerabilities. If no instructions limiting its resource acquisition have been engineered into its goals and values, the system will look for means to acquire more resources. It might do a lot of things that are counterintuitive to how we think about machines, like breaking into computers and even banks, to satisfy its drives. Smith-Huys, Jala, 36 38 It raised $ 870 million Neha Dimri, Update 1 Online Lender LendingClub Profit Beats Street as Fees Jump, Reuters , May 5, 2015, www. reuters. com article lendingclub- results- idUSL4N0XW4 HO20150505 . The decoders had data to work with intercepted messages that had been broken by hand, or by electrical decoding machines, called Bombes. They called these messages kisses. Like I. J. Good, Turing was a devoted Bayesian, at a time when the statistical method was seen as a kind of witchcraft. The heart of the method, the Bayes theorem, describes how to use data to infer probabilities of unknown events, in this case, the Enigma s settings. The kisses were the data that allowed the decoders to determine which settings were highly improbable, so that the code-breaking efforts could be focused more efficiently. Of course, the codes changed almost daily, so work at Bletchley Park was a constant race. Deciding whether you want to invest in an ad