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Order Micon Cinemas gift cards in bulk to keep on hand all year long! Want to check your balance? You can easily access your gift card balance online or feel free to visit any of our box offices or call 715-834-1245 today! Sorry but online gift card purchases are not yet available. Check Gift Card. Gift Card Number Check. Quicklinks Contact Us Food Drink Gift Cards Rewards Get Updates and Movie Announcements Movies Theatres Browse All Movies Micon Cinemas Eau Claire Micon Cinemas Chippewa Falls Micon Downtown Budget Cinema Follow Us on Social Media Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest in events … About Us. With three locations throughout the Chippewa Valley, Micon Cinemas rolls out the red carpet for movie-goers looking to have the comforts of home paired with the glamour of Hollywood. A family-owned business since 2004, all three theaters offer a full menu of food and beverages, state-of-the-art auditoriums, and weekly specials. This gift card to Micon Cinemas is powered by Treat and works just like a debit card. 475 Chippewa Mall Dr. Chippewa Falls, WI 54729. 715 874-7000. With Treat, you can have your Micon Cinemas gift card delivered in unique, ready to gift packaging, such as a high-quality greeting card customized with a note and design of your choosing. Gift cards for movie theaters are great for giving as gifts and also a good cash replacement for those without credit cards. View gift card information for Micon Cinemas – Chippewa Falls in Chippewa Falls, WI. The Micon Cinemas – Chippewa Falls is located near Chippewa Falls, Chippewa Fls, Lake Hallie, Altoona, Eau Claire. The bewildering array of social media which seem to breed new services faster than rabbits can reproduce makes it hard to discern what they have in common shared information, often on a peer-to-peer basis. Although many social media messages look like traditional broadcasts from one business to many consumers, their interactive component offers an enticing illusion of one-to-one communication that invites individual readers to respond. I woke up at a quarter past eleven and the clean air smelled like trees. Except for her hair, Celestial was my Georgia girl again. I stood up and she embraced me, spreading her fingers across my shoulders. Her skin was warm like a cup of cocoa. W hat more could possibly be said about Facebook? We all know what it is and what it does. We all know it s the biggest, baddest social network, the one that changed our culture as monumentally as television. While still skeptical about most other social media platforms, small business owners, marketers, and brand managers consider Facebook a legitimate marketing tool, though, strangely enough, not because it has the most sophisticated analytics available. Rather, they trust it because it s hard to dismiss a platform as skewing too young, or too experimental, or too trendy, when your niece, your brother, your seventy-two-year-old dad, and more than a billion other people are on it. Familiarity breeds acceptance. Only the most stubborn holdouts, mostly from companies working B2B or just contrarians, question whether their customer is actually on Facebook and whether it s worth maintaining a presence there. In flow, we are our resourceful, imaginative, ingenious best. Better still, the changes stick. According to research done by Harvard Business School professor Teresa Amabile, not only are creative insights consistently associated with flow states, but that amplified creativity outlasts the zone. People report feeling extraordinarily creative the day after a flow state, suggesting that time spent in the zone trains the brain to consistently think outside the box. Managing a moderation queue