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The GotScholarship $40K Give Away program is easy and free to enter and the scholarship is not awarded based on academic achievement or financial need. Instead, the winner is selected by a random drawing. Open to all fields of study, the US $40,000 must be used for educational expenses , this includes tuition, fees, books, supplies … The GotScholarship $40K Give Away. The GotScholarship $40K Give Away is open to all students age 18 and older in the U.S. and international. The scholarship recipient is chosen by random drawing. Students may choose any college to attend and any field of study. The scholarship includes money for tuition, fees, books, supplies, and other college … GotChosen is a social monetization platform that shares ad revenue with its influences. Later at last Friday s graduation she got her school s highest honor a General Excellence award that came with $40,000. Tetteh beamed onstage for a quick picture in her maroon cap and … Chosen from all entries for the test date prize drawings, ONE winner will get a $40,000 scholarship payable over 4 years and a $5,000 tech package. How to Enter If you are an eligible entrant, register for the April, June, or July ACT test dates and opt-in to participate in the scholarship giveaway when prompted during registration successful The scoring of individual voters also undermines democracy, making a minority of voters important and the rest little more than a supporting cast. Indeed, looking at the models used in presidential elections, we seem to inhabit a shrunken country. As I write this, the entire voting population that matters lives in a handful of counties in Florida, Ohio, Nevada, and a few other swing states. Within those counties is a small number of voters whose opinions weigh in the balance. I might point out here that while many of the WMDs we ve been looking at, from predatory ads to policing models, deliver most of their punishment to the struggling classes, political microtargeting harms voters of every economic class. From Manhattan to San Francisco, rich and poor alike find themselves disenfranchised though the truly affluent, of course, can more than compensate for this with campaign contributions . They say you should partner with people who have complementary skills to you. If I m a marketing guy, I should partner with a technical guy. If you re a sales-and-people guy, you should partner with an analytical guy. While this is a great starting point to find a partner, it s like marrying the first person you date simply because they have big boobs or look like Brad Pitt. Many other personality characteristics will make or break a partnership. Do you have the same work ethic? Will your partner skate while you burn the midnight oil? Do you have the same vision? Or will they compete with each other? Do you want to grow slowly while your partner wants to own the world and do it fast? Do you want to sell franchises while your partner just wants one unit that pays the bills? Do you trust this person with your life? Do you have the same personality type? defining, 13 , 19 24 When coming up with a title for your videos, think about what your audience is likely to search for and reflect that in the words that you use. Your video title should be keyword rich and match the content that your content contains. Only the first 45 characters of your video title are displayed in the YouTube search results on mobile devices, so make sure you front-end load the title with your primary keyword phrase s . Here are some quick pointers to help get even more from your video headings Clear evidence that Twitter is keen to bolster the use of images on the site arrived in April 2014, when the ability to attach up to four images to a tweet previously limited to just one was introduced. Multiple images display as a collage of four rectangular images on all devices, and also in embedded tweets. Brands are already taking advantage of these collages to spell out a single message across the four separate images, provide simple step-by-step tutorials, or using multiple photos to tell the story of an event in the life of their company. Along with this update comes the ability to tag up to 10 people, e.g. customers, contest winners, business associates, etc. in each image. The people who are tagged will receive a notification to let them know, so do take advantage of this as a way to encourage engagement and start conversations centered on your posts. To top it all off, the characters used to tag usernames in Twitter images will not deplete any the original 140 character space for the accompanying text. To tag people in a photo, select it once uploaded and type their name or username into the Who s in this photo? box. When the tweet is published, the usernames of the tagged people will appear next to it as live, clickable links.