giveaway ideas for small businesses

Keep reading to find our very last giveaway idea for small businesses and startups. Idea 9 Run a photo contest. Our final idea that could easily be used by almost all small businesses and startups, no matter the industry they re in, is to run a photo contest. Top 9 Business Giveaway Ideas. There are so many ways to conduct a giveaway for your small business and so many ways to get people to participate. Here are nine business giveaway ideas you can use for your own business, or get creative and think of something completely unique to your company. 1. Sweepstakes If you have a small business that makes beverages, here are some of the best fruit infused water recipes that you can pass out as little samples, along with your card. Have a raffle drawing for your giveaway and include a little bottle of your best homemade refreshments, perfumes, or whatever product you are selling. 17. Spin the Wheel Business Giveaway Ideas. A spin the wheel contest is a fantastic way to encourage optins to your email list which is another way to nurture customer loyalty. The way it works is participants enter their email address for a chance to spin the prize wheel and be in with the chance of winning of them. Themed Giveaway Ideas. Wherever you run your giveaway, and whatever actions you drive, it s often a good idea to run it around a special event, or give it a particular theme. This will help you boost engagement and capture people s attention. Here are a few ideas for some special types of giveaways you can run. Holiday Giveaways Tweet-ups are Twitter community get-togethers. You see them at many blogging, business, and social media conferences, though they re also held often in cities, as well. They don t take much effort to plan, they don t have to cost much money, and promoting them is as simple as getting everyone you know to tweet. Lists 20 social networking sites for business professionals Statista statistics 271259 advertising-revenue-of-social-networks-in-the-us projects that the overall social advertising market will grow from $11 billion in 2015 to more than $23 billion in 2018, representing more than 21 percent of all digital ad spending in the US. Researching B2B Markets 24 . https p BfKaJzQnn- 6 ? taken- by tsa .