does anyone win lays sweepstakes

The answer is a resounding yes. People win prizes every day, from life-changing prizes like a new car or a new home, to fun prizes like tickets to a basketball game, a dinner out, or a brand new Apple iPad. Why don t you hear about more winners? Probably because you don t know many people who put the time into entering regularly. But with sweepstakes, I can pretty much guarantee I ll win. According to an informal poll of 585 respondents, roughly half of all regular sweepers report winnings equivalent to $1,250 or more per year a quarter win $3k in prizes. Most sweepers win multiple prizes every year The Hustle Some people win after their first week of entering sweepstakes, but for most people, it takes much longer. Everyone goes through dry spells, and it s important that you don t give up. Stick to your strategy and keep entering, and the wins will follow sooner or later. Replied on December 2, 2020. Okay so basically the more times you enter the higher chance of winning. Say there are 100 sweepstakes that are entered. You will have a higher chance of getting one if you have 36 than 35 or 1 or anything below that. So even though the cnances are slim, every sweepstake counts. Report abuse. Sweepers are people who enter contests and sweepstakes as a hobby. They make their own luck by entering a lot. Volume is the key. Carolyn Wilman of Ontario, Canada, is a sweeper and author of How … 16 funding for jump to AGI from Fieri Phenomenon Your goal is to have a mobile site that downloads in less than one second! Your mobile site must work on all brands of smartphones. It should use standard HTML coding. Better yet, incorporate next-generation languages such as HTML5 to enhance the performance of your mobile site, leading to higher rankings. Apply SEO optimization and localization techniques from earlier in this chapter to your mobile site. Use appropriate keywords in headlines and text. It s critical to use geographically targeted terms such as state, zip code, town, or neighborhood. That may be the only content scanned to produce mobile search results. Location and timeliness matter much more than search terms for mobile users. Aim at the top of the funnel with your mobile home page. Try to reach many new prospects with keyword-focused content that explains who you are and the benefits of what you offer. On secondary pages, include content that adds value to the sale process, such as product specs, ratings, schedules, business hours, and prices. Also, include frequently updated offers, entertainments, and competitions that help build the business relationship. Take advantage of the unique features of mobile devices. Provide your visitors with click-to-call, mobile coupons, store locators, barcode scanners or QR codes, easy ways to share and recommend your business, and new mobile payment tools. Incorporate outbound links to relevant sources and other elements of your social media presence. Mobile users constantly consume social media, especially Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If your prospects are using mobile media, you might want to pay particular attention to incorporating and optimizing these channels in your social media strategic plan. If you have a separate mobile site, include links to it in e-newsletters, text messages, and social media. According to emailmonday mobile-email-usage-statistics , about 55 percent of email is opened on a mobile device mobile users can share links quickly with their friends. Can I ask you something, she said. About when you were gone?