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Define D. D synonyms, D pronunciation, D translation, English dictionary definition of D. 1. The symbol for the isotope deuterium. 2. also d The symbol for the Roman numeral 500. abbr. 1. dative 2. day 3. Sports a. defender b. defense c…. D – definition of D by The Free Dictionary. d definition, contraction of had I was glad they d gone. See more. The Letter D Song by Have Fun Teaching is a great way to learn all about the Letter D. Free Teaching Resources https www.havefunteaching.com unlimited. Us… Find the latest Dominion Energy, Inc. D stock quote, history, news and other vital information to help you with your stock trading and investing. Masculine nominative accusative singular de has the form der before a vowel, e.g. der alt Maa the old man Dative plural de has the form den before a vowel, e.g. den alte Fraue to the old women Feminine singular d and plural d have the variant di before an adjective, e.g. di jung Mueter the young mother The edge is the one place these ghosts can t follow. PROFESSION YEARS TO EARN $1M YEARS TO SAVE $1M Architect – $64,000 16 years to earn 156 years to save Auto Mechanic – $34,000 30 years 294 years Bartender – $16,000 61 years 625 years Carpenter – $37,000 27 years 270 years Software Engineer – $80,000 13 years 125 years Secretary – $38,000 27 years 263 years Hairdresser – $22,000 47 years 454 years Teacher – $46,000 22 years 217 years Pharmacist – $95,000 11 years 105 years Police Officer – $48,000 21 years 208 years Physical Therapist – $66,000 15 years 152 years Veterinarian – $72,000 14 years 139 years Facebook offers its users four ways to relate to the real world geotagging, places nearby, check-ins, and offers. Once upon a time until 2014 , you used to pay a bit of a performance penalty on Facebook by using an automated service such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social to update multiple social media channels at once. This is no longer true. However, long, duplicate posts might set off warning bells on Google, as will auto-generated content that appears to have been created by a software tool simply to include search terms. Passes Link Juice