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If your gift card does not have a security code under the foil on the back of the card, please contact us to check your balance at 800 522-7159. Check Your Casey s General Store Gift Card Balance Call Casey s General Store s customer service phone number, or visit Casey s General Store s website to check the balance on your Casey s General Store gift card. Need to buy another Casey s General Store gift card? Casey s gift cards range from $5 to $200. It is important to store your gift card in a safe place because if you lose or damage it, you will not get a refund or a replacement card. Casey s gift card doesn t have an expiration date. Check Card Balance. Check the box below. Once you see a green checkmark, click submit results to continue. Submit Results. All Casey s gift cards are redeemable for in store merchandise as well as fuel purchases and can be used at the pump. Casey s $25 gift card. Card is not redeemable for cash. This card cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. BonusMail from Intellipost The brand is extending its stories beyond digital. Team members have produced targeted influencer and media events. They have also created fun, tangible engagement pieces with their curated Parenting Survival Kits, which have become wildly popular with their fans. Their brand ambassador program, Plum Parents, is another area through which they were able to extend their TeamParent message into broader communities with grassroots activities and meetups. The team is also looking to expand their lifestyle campaigns to more experiential stunts and activations in the future. 3 I wrote 700 words for Good Luck margarine. Sales responded. When copywriters argue with me about some esoteric word they want to use, I say to them, Get on a bus. Go to Iowa. Stay on a farm for a week and talk to the farmer. Come back to New York by train and talk to your fellow passengers in the day-coach. If you still want to use the word, go ahead. CHAPTER 41 THROW HIJACKERS TO THE CURB!