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Search for an Amazon Locker, Counter or Pickup Location near you. Add Amazon Lockers, Counters or ParcelPoint Pickup Locations to your address. Accessibility Features of Amazon Lockers. For items fulfilled by Amazon AU to. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane Adelaide or Canberra. Other Metro Areas. Amazon Digital and Device Forum Australia. Hello Michael Mul , sorry about the late reply.. I am sorry about the issue you are facing. You can contact Customer Service here.. The chat phone email option will come up only after you select the issue. Simply enter your information in the fields below, and we will follow up with you shortly. Do you need some help with your purchases or orders on Please contact Customer Service. Fields marked are required. Which program are you interested in? . Please select one Sell on Amazon Fulfilment by Amazon. If you d rather call Amazon s customer support team yourself, you can call their general help number at 1800 571 894, 24 hours a day. If your question is about an existing US-based Amazon account, you can also contact their US support at 0011 1 206 266 2992 and if you use Skype to make that call it will be toll-free . How Amazon Uses Your Personal Information. How Amazon Protects Your Personal Information. Manage Your Personal Information. Request Your Personal Information. Identify Whether an Email, Phone Call, Text Message, or Webpage is from Amazon. Request the Closure of Your Account and the Deletion of Your Personal Information. So the system identifies apparent losers. And a good number of them lost their jobs during the recession. That alone is unjust. But what s worse is that systems like Cataphora s receive minimal feedback data. Someone identified as a loser, and subsequently fired, may have found another job and generated a fistful of patents. That data usually isn t collected. The system has no inkling that it got one person, or even a thousand people, entirely wrong. Free for in-app versions business levels start at $999 month eXTReMe Tracking As wild a ride as social media may seem, it s more of a marathon than a sprint. Given that it may take months to see the return on your marketing efforts, you may need to nourish your social media sites for quite a while. Every tip you read about Facebook will come to nil if you don t have a positive, productive community. The more people who like your brand page, the more people you have responding to and commenting on your posts and campaigns. You want your community members to feel good about participating, and when they feel good, they share and they buy.